Candidate Focussed Recruitment



As a specialist Supply Chain recruitment agency we are focussed on bringing the personal touch back to recruitment.

With a background in the Supply Chain industry and over a decade recruiting Supply Chain talent we have an in-depth knowledge of the market and can challenge and understand candidates and clients alike to ensure any roles we are discussing with you match your skills and aspirations. 

Throughout the process we will challenge both you and the client to ensure we understand both sides of the conversation. Once we have a full understanding we can work with you to get all the information you need to assess the role objectively. 

The only bad decision in recruitment is an ill-informed decision.

The Recruitment Process




We take the time to understand you, your requirements, target brands and regions and then make that a reality by working with our network to generate roles, rather than wait for roles to come to us. 

Because our background is 100% Supply Chain - from working in industry, through to recruiting Supply Chain consistently we understand the market and are better positioned to support you to the market. 




We sit in the middle between yourself and your clientbase. We don't work for you or for them so can be truly objective for both parties to ensure the right fit. 

We assess, analyse and challenge every piece of information to make sure we understand the impact within the Supply Chain, the recruitment process and career plans to make sure the process is as smooth as possible for all parties. 




We guarantee honesty in every communication and will always give an honest appraisal of your chances but will be open-minded to your responses. 

We even guarantee to pass on, analyse and work on any and all feedback we receive to help you move forward if you aren't successful. We aren't here to sugar coat anything for you, we're here to help you find your next step in your career - whatever it takes.