CV Coaching - how one client got a 57% payrise...


"I finally changed my employer doing exactly the same role, I joined 3 months ago and I feel better. The investment in your time was really worthwhile and I am very happy with the result.

 My salary has gone up 57% …. woooo!!!

When I started to talk with the new employer during the hiring process, the payrise was 57% but my current manager also offered me a 20% salary increase!"

So, the client ended up with a 57% payrise and a return on investment of over 85 times. 


CV Coaching


Do you wonder why your CV disappears into the ether and you never hear back? 

  • is your content not showing you in the best light?
  • are you lacking the background to put your achievements in context? 
  • are you unsure how your competencies are being interpreted by HR, Recruiters and Line Managers?


  • not sure how your format comes across to the readers?

Most people write their CVs in a rush when an interesting job has come up. Or when they need a job they stare desperately at their old CV hating it and then just updating it because they don't know what else to do. Or worse they stare at a blank piece of paper desperately trying to remember what they did on a daily basis 5 years ago.

There is a better way!

We have put together a process that gets the best content, format and achievements for all clients whatever their background, industry, sector or seniority. To build your new CV we go through a three stage process.

  1. Fact finding and content building
  2. Content optimisation and formatting
  3. Edit/polish

The first two stages we complete on the phone, sharing a screen so you are in a comfortable environment rather than in our office or a loud coffee shop. When you're comfortable you give better answers which gives us stronger and more reliable content.

Fact Finding

We start by talking through the goal of the CV. What are we trying to achieve - a role, a sector, a location etc then we can reverse engineer your CV to tick those boxes.

We talk through your career history to build content. What you did, how did you do it etc. We do this purely from your memory with good, open questions to get you thinking. Don't worry about remembering things, it will come back to you with good questions! At this stage we don't want you to be looking at your CV because we want new information from you, not just what you remembered last time you wrote your CV.

Once we have that library of content we can start building your CV from the ground up and start constructing bullet points so that when the call is finished you have all the skills and content to build great bullet points yourself.

You now have the tools - content and skills to re-write your CV. Don't worry we aren't shooting for perfection just yet! 

Nearly there...

The second conversation takes place when you have made your changes and the CV is starting to take shape.  We go back over the same ground analysing your points and re-writing them, if necessary, to make the most of it, identifying areas that we can make more of or consolidating duplication.

Only now do we start looking at format. For us the format of your CV is the flourish, not the foundation. Don't worry about it until you have great content.

Now you can make any amendments and re-format your CV and then drop it back through to us to edit, polish and proof-read your finished document. 

Proof-read / Edit

The edit stage is the only stage that we do on our own as it is laborious and dull to listen to!! Through this stage we track all our changes on the CV. 

This CV is your message to both yourself and the market. It needs to be a document you are proud of and one that sums you up perfectly so it's vital you have total ownership over it. We track changes so that you have to go through and agree or disagree every change we've made on there. 

This keeps the document yours throughout so you can walk into any meeting knowing that it represents you completely and shows you off to the best of your ability. 

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