Interview Coaching



Interview coaching is the worst kept secret in the job market. More and more people know that interviews are a skill that needs practice and this is where we come in. Coaching enables you to develop the techniques you need before the interview for your dream job. 

Often, people miss out on their dream job not because they weren't the best person, but because  in the interview they struggled to: 


  • Control their nerves
  • Articulate their thoughts
  • Structure the answer
  • Sound confident
  • Focus on the point
  • Sell themselves


Our bespoke coaching programme puts you back in control and in the position to sell yourself succinctly and persuasively in any style of interview.

We do this by assessing your interview style, providing you with interview techniques and structures, teaching you the best methods to prepare, salary negotiation skills and most importantly, opportunities to practice so you are confident on the day.  



To address the weaknesses we've identified we teach you the techniques to allow you to improve but, more importantly, how to magnify your strengths. Ultimately, it's your strengths that will get you the job. 

Familiarity and practice with a variety of questions and approaches will ensure when in the interview you can sell your experience, ideas and personality with a winning answer confidently delivered, that will make you stand out from the competition. 

Muscle memory

 To make your interview technique second nature we role play a number of interview questions until you have mastered the techniques. The brain is a muscle, like any other and just needs practice to build muscle memory. 

We give you the tools then practice with you until you've mastered them. Simple, constructive and very, very effective!